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This website is a repository of ideas and perceptions of best practices in education collected during my teaching and learning experiences on two continents. I hope these insights are helpful for faculty, teachers and professional development providers! Learning in all levels of education happens in the same way , but instruction must certainly be adapted to the needs of your students.

Teaching is such a wonderful profession, because we get to share a part of our students' journey of life. We are trusted with great responsibility, because our words may have a lifelong impact. All teachers I know want to positively affect the lives of the students they teach. However, being a teacher is not always easy.  Students' academic performance depends on many other factors in addition to what the teacher does. Learning doesn't always require instruction. We learn pretty much on our own from our everday experiences. Instruction doesn't always lead to learning. But in IDEAL situations these two processes balance each other.

I help faculty and teachers to improve learning in their classroom and provide 3C tools to make learning and teaching more effective and enjoyable. These tools are compatible with all curricula and instructional design models, and they reflect the best pedagogical practices outlined by American Psychological Association publication Top 20 Principles. Because Nina's Notes focuses on supporting the learning process, also discussions about Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) are an important part of the support for faculty and teachers. Here is a one-page overview of SRL for adult online learners.

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Building learning-centered education is the most important quest for contemporary education!

3C-approach in Nina's Notes

Nina's Notes promotes student-centered  3C - teaching and learning based on  contemporary learning theories and Finnish pedagogy 

The learning theories used in 3-C model have been combined to meet the reality of 21st century learning needs. The cognitive approach combined with the constructive and cooperative practices enable meaningful and effective teaching and learning- in every classroom! 

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Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.

~John Cotton Dana


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Mentoring & SRL

Discusses how to combine the mentoring practices with self-regulated learning approach.

Transformative Mentoring

Discusses transformative learning as a metatheory in higher education