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Working as pedagogical trainer and doing workshops or speaking in conferences is great fun because I get to meet fellow educators! I love to share the in-depth inside knowledge of world top-class educational system (Finland has continuously shown its success  in OECD’s longitudinal research called PISA). I also work for Western Governors University as a Mentor in WGU Teachers College. My students are pursuing their masters degrees and  learning about Curriculum and Instruction, Instructional Design and Learning & Technology. Currently I am also a student: working on my doctorate in education. Here is my resume for further information about my work.


I help schools, teachers, school districts, principals and superintendents to create more effective and emotionally safe school cultures that enable and promote deep learning.  My own toolkit is made of 3Cs - cognitive, constructive and co-operative teaching and learning - and their roots truly are in the Finnish teacher education, because it shaped my thinking about what we actually are doing in schools. We teachers are there simply to help students learn. Right?


Every now and then it is good to get back to the roots of learnign and teaching and simply challenge the assumptions we have gathered over time. Reflection is one of the great tools we teachers have, and it is excellent beginning for independent professional development, or creating a personal learning network/community environment (PLN/PLC/PLE).


I would love to show you how to make learning more effective and meaningful with the 3C - tools! I am available for speaking in a conference or seminar - or in a Professional Development day of your school. Learning happens in interactions, it is not any one-size-fits-all-solution, so I would be happy to customize the training to fit exactly your needs. 


Not all education reform is the same. There is a different model:

The Fourth Way is a way of inspiration and innovation, of responsibility and sustainability. The Fourth Way does not drive reform relentlessly through teachers, use them as final delivery points for government policies, or vacuum up their motivations into a vortex of change that is defined by short-term political agendas and the special interests with which they are often aligned.Rather, it brings together government policy, professional involvement, and public engagement around an inspiring social and educational vision of prosperity, opportunity, and creativity in a world of greater inclusiveness, security, and humanity ( Hargreaves & Shirley 2009, p. 71).

This is what The Finnish Way looks like:

In the Fourth Way of Finland, teachers design and pursue high quality learning and shared goals and improve their schools continuously through professional teamwork and networks, from evidence, and from literature in their trade. (Sahlberg, 2011)

Finland has shown the effect of this empowerment-based education reform in several consecutive PISA results.

Hargreaves, A., & Shirley, D. (2009). The fourth way: The inspiring future of educational change. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.

Sahlberg, P. (2011). The fourth way of Finland. Journal of Educational Change,12(2), 173-185.

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