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NCS - Nina C Smith Consulting


Pedagogy matters! To better facilitate the learning of our students we must have a good understanding about how learning actually happens. Supporting learning is easy with good tools.



Working side-by-side with teachers/faculty Nina provides practical tools and reliable theories with a 3C - approach (cognitive, constructive and cooperative) for active and effective learning and teaching, utilizing international experience of teaching on different school levels. With these tools teachers can learn down-to-earth teaching strategies as well as practical techniques to improve learning in addition to acquiring the theories behind the practices. 

  • Coaching - empowering teachers to choose how to teach
  • Mentoring - providing a sounding board and help for reflection 
  • Demonstrating -  creating emotionally safe learning environments
  • Speaking - about pedagogy, andragogy and learning facilitation 
  • Training -  for student centered teaching and learning
  • Workshops - about learning, teaching and choosing
  • Aligning - including your values and focus into the training sessions

The international experience, the insight of the world top-class educational system (Finland, according to the OECD longitudinal research called PISA ) and an in-depth knowledge of educational psychology are always implemented in each individually tailored consultation and training session.


Please email or call 1-888-9TEACHME (1-888-983-2246) to learn more .




How to improve learning?

It is possible to improve learning and teaching at your school without any expensive equipment or new curricula. Empowered teachers boost the academic performance in the classroom by supporting students' intrinsic motivation to learn.


Improving instructional quality is just the beginning! Helping teachers understand and implement the basic principles of cognitive, constructive and co-operative learning facilitation (the 3C- tools) takes the instructional quality to a whole new level!  


I can also help you by sharing the know-how of the education in Finland.

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Critical Effects :



Promote collaborative/ co-operational learning - Make learning meaningful. Co-operational learning is one of the great strengths in Finnish education. Check my notes about Cooperative Tools!


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Remove barriers to success - Improve students well-being at school. Provide your students with Constructive Tools!


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Foster 21st century learning - Teach about the Cognitive Tools to make a difference and empower your students to learn independently!





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