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You know how those teachers who challenge students and help them think and learn on personal level seem to be the most successful ones?  No wonder, because instead of just delivering the facts and information so that students can successfully be processed through the exams, they actually instill the need for thinking and the seeds of lifelong learning. Today, more than ever, your students need the ability to think for themselves, and to think critically, because in our pluralistic modern world it is essential to know the difference between information and knowledge.


I wish to help your teachers and students find the school success through the rewarding experience of accelerated learning. Your students can achieve much better school success on their own level when provided with highly effective and knowledgeable teachers. In order to remain highly effective, teachers need new ideas to reflect upon and to use in their learning facilitation. 


Let me help with that! Email me at or call 1-888-9TEACHME (1-888-983-2246)



Working side-by-side with teachers, I provide customized, interactive learning sessions as well as individual coaching in the classroom.  Training sessions can be implemented into your schooldays, staff meetings or instructional days. An average session last 60 to 90 minutes and contains handouts of the topic and a one-hour follow-up contact with teachers within two weeks of training. Training can also lead to Teaching and Learning Improvement, Workshops or Observations, if desired.



Some of the Training Topics:



Cognitive Tools:


Constructive Tools:

Cooperative Tools:

ü        Autonomous Learning

ü        Cognitive Apprenticeship

ü        Critical Thinking

ü        Making Thinking Visible

ü        Meta-cognitive Tools

ü     Active Learning

ü     Deep vs. Shallow Learning

ü     Learning Cycles

ü    Students' Self Evaluation

ü     Executive Functions


ü        Emotionally Safe Learning Environment 

ü        Increasing Student Participation

ü        Meaningful Learning 













Not all education reform is the same. There is a different model:

The Fourth Way is a way of inspiration and innovation, of responsibility and sustainability. The Fourth Way does not drive reform relentlessly through teachers, use them as final delivery points for government policies, or vacuum up their motivations into a vortex of change that is defined by short-term political agendas and the special interests with which they are often aligned.Rather, it brings together government policy, professional involvement, and public engagement around an inspiring social and educational vision of prosperity, opportunity, and creativity in a world of greater inclusiveness, security, and humanity ( Hargreaves & Shirley 2009, p. 71).

This is what The Finnish Way looks like:

In the Fourth Way of Finland, teachers design and pursue high quality learning and shared goals and improve their schools continuously through professional teamwork and networks, from evidence, and from literature in their trade. (Sahlberg, 2011)

Finland has shown the effect of this empowerment-based education reform in several consecutive PISA results.

Hargreaves, A., & Shirley, D. (2009). The fourth way: The inspiring future of educational change. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.

Sahlberg, P. (2011). The fourth way of Finland. Journal of Educational Change,12(2), 173-185.